Agency: City of Fresno Department of Transportation
Project: Fresno Area Express (FAX): Fixed Route System Restructure Public Involvement Services
Contact: Gregory A Barfield, Director, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Fresno Area Express (FAX) Fixed-Route System Restructure project arose from the need to revise the City of Fresno’s FAX fixed-route bus services so they integrate well with bus rapid transit (BRT) services (The “Q”). Bus routes and frequencies are being adjusted to enable all parts of the City of Fresno to benefit from the newer higher speed and more frequent FAX-Q service at the core of the bus system.

Federal law (FTA Title VI) requires that the public be consulted on major transit service changes. The broadest and most critical form of outreach consisted of eight (8) workshops conducted in different venues across the City of Fresno. These formal workshops were supplemented with several “pop-up” events held in conjunction with community events. Interviews were also conducted with key stakeholders representing transit riders, including County Social Services, major employers, and educational institutions. The VRPA team also sought and obtained public input on Title VI policies, including the threshold changes, disparate impact and disproportionate burden policies to guide the route restructure.

Using GIS-based maps, typical FAX user’s travel times to major destinations were shown under the current and new route system. Changes to residential and job access from a key location before and after the new route system were also presented on the maps. Based on these maps participants identified strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for refinement on the recommended new transit network. Upon completionn of the new FAX route structure in early 2018, the VRPA Team worked closely with Fresno Department of Transportation staff to educate and publicize the improved routes and schedules.