Agency: Fresno County Transportation Authority
Project: 1988, 2002, 2004 and 2006 Measure C 1/2% Sales Tax Expenditure Plan and Environmental Impact Report, Outreach Program, Measure “C” Extension Handbooks and Strategic Implementation Plan
Contact: Mr. Ron Peterson, Executive Director 559.453.5023

VRPA Technologies staff was responsible for development of the 1988 Expenditure Plan. The Expenditure Plan included information and analysis regarding original Measure C forecasts, the allocation of Measure C proceeds consistent with the Measure C Ordinance, a list and projection of other funding sources (State and federal, local, etc.), a comprehensive analysis of eligible Measure C projects, review of the cash flow analysis, and the resulting Measure C Expenditure Program.  VRPA Technologies is once again involved in the development of the 2002 Sales Tax Extension Plan.  VRPA staff was also responsible for all technical project evaluation, facilitating and supporting the Steering Committee, and drafting the Extension Plan for public and agency review by April 2002.  

VRPA Technologies was retained to develop the 2004 and 2006 Measure C 1/2 % Sales Tax Expenditure Plan and EIR.  The document was prepared in accordance with CEQA and new federal transportation and air quality requirements.  The EIR focused on three Plan Alternatives including the No Project, balanced or multimodal, and the traditional or a worst-case alternative.  Each of these alternatives was assessed in terms of possible constraints on the environment and the ability of each alternative to meet State and federal Air Quality Conformity requirements.

VRPA Technologies also assisted with development of the Public Outreach and Involvement Process and will directly participate in presenting both the Plan and EIR related information at public workshops at locations throughout the County.  VRPA Technologies also attended and participated and assisted with facilitation of Expenditure Plan Steering Committee meetings to establish methodologies, procedures, and directives related to Plan and EIR preparation. In addition, VRPA Technologies also assisted with development of public hearing materials and presentation formats.  VRPA Technologies will also play a lead role in presenting the final document before the public, Fresno Council of Governments, and Authority committees and the Policy Board.