Agency: Fresno COG/Quad Knopf Prime
Project: Golden State Corridor Economic Development Infrastructure Improvements:  Planning, Engineering, and Environmental Study
Contact: Mr. Michael Knopf, Quad Knopf, 5110 West Cypress Ave., Visalia, CA 93277, 559.733.0440

The Golden State Corridor Study is composed of three major products:  design guidelines, 30% design plans, and environmental documentation.  The design plans were further defined into four (4) subtasks: topographic survey, roadway design, intersection design, and cost estimates.

VRPA’s responsibility during development of this project was to develop Preliminary Roadway Design Plans, Preliminary Intersection Design Plans, and the Air Quality/Global Warming, Noise, and Traffic Impact Studies.  Specifically, VRPA prepared a layout of the proposed improvements along the Project corridor consistent with the visioning document.  This included signing, striping, roadway (road widening, drainage, sidewalk, etc.), and traffic signal improvements.  In addition, VRPA prepared proposed intersection design plans consistent with the proposed improvements at the intersections along the Project corridor.  Information obtained during development of the Project was utilized in development of the intersection design plans.   Finally, VRPA prepared an Air Quality/Global Warming, Noise, and Traffic Impact Assessment that supported the preparation of the Corridor Study and the environmental document prepared in accordance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).