Agency: City of Fresno/CD+A Prime
Project: Old Fig Garden Transportation and Land Use Study
Contact: Mr. Keith Bergthold, Assist. Planning Director, City of Fresno, 559.621.8049

The Old Fig Garden Community Transportation and Land Use Study was a planning effort based on the initiative of the Fig Garden Homeowners Association (HOA), who approached both the County and the City of Fresno to engage in addressing issues of pressing importance to Fig Garden residents. The study was funded through a Caltrans Planning Grant.  The Fig Garden area has been threatened by increasing traffic and by the rapidly urbanizing arterial streets of Ashlan, Blackstone, Shaw and Shields Avenues, as well as other collectors in the Study Area.  Old Fig Garden is home to one of the largest Christmas Tree Lanes in the country.  

The Old Fig Garden Community Transportation and Land Use Study defined appropriate transitions from the established residential neighborhoods to adjacent city and State transportation corridors; promoted traffic calming, bike and walking trails, safe routes to schools; and encouraged context sensitive development that recognizes and preserves the historic fabric and urban forest of the Old Fig Garden Neighborhood.  VRPA was responsible for development of the transportation and outreach components including traffic calming, safe routes to school, bike and walking trail planning, and traffic issues associated with Christmas Tree Lane.  VRPA completed the existing and future year traffic analysis, a survey of Christmas Tree Lane attendees, stakeholder interviews, and conducted an initial workshop to introduce the study to residents and businesses in the study area.