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VRPA Technologies, Inc. offers comprehensive transportation consulting services throughout the United States. Founded in 1988 by Georgiena Vivian and her husband Leonard, VRPA is recognized by the California Department of General Services as a Small Business Enterprise (SBE).  In addition, VRPA is a certified WBE with the Supplier Clearinghouse for the Utility Supplier Diversity Program of the California Public Utilities Commission.

VRPA Technologies, Inc. serves clients in the public and private sectors including federal, state, and regional agencies, counties, cities and private planning/engineering firms. The firm is always committed to providing continuous and direct consulting services to its clients and understands that the ability to respond to the immediate needs of its clients is often the key to a successful client/consultant relationship, resulting in viable projects of high quality.

sbSenate Bill (SB) 743
changes the way transportation studies are conducted for the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) environmental studies, removing automobile level of service and delay as a performance measure and replacing it with vehicle miles traveled. Implementation is expected to occur statewide January 1, 2020. VRPA has followed the SB 743 process since the beginning and are actively developing strategies to help agencies prepare for implementation. 

Click here to see the steps your agency may want to take to prepare for the implementation of SB 743

Transportation Planning

Offering services related to the evaluation, assessment, design, and siting of transportation facilities including streets, highways, bike and pedestrian facilities, and public transit.

Transportation Modeling including the development and maintenance of regional transportation models

Traffic Mitigation Fee Programs including identification of improvements, cost estimates, and nexus documentation

Circulation Elements

Intelligent Transportation Systems

Sustainable Communities Planning for local and regional agencies

Corridor Studies, Truck and Vehicle Surveys and Studies for State, regional and local governments

Origin and Destination Studies for State, regional and local agencies

Transportation Surveys and Analysis

Goods Movement

Rail Studies

Airport Master Plan Support

Financing Plans for regional agencies (sales tax plans for transportation improvements, circulation elements, and regional plans and studies)

Toll Studies and Analysis

Complete Streets

Safe Routes to School

Parking Studies

Bus Rapid Transit Planning and Design

Regional Transportation Plans

Long-Range Transit Plans

Bikeway and Pedestrian Plans

Transportation and Land Use Integration Plans

Blueprint Programs

Transportation Grant Applications

Impact Fee Programs

Traffic Engineering

Applying engineering techniques to achieve the safe and efficient movement of people and goods on roadways.

Senate Bill (SB) 743

Congestion Management Programs

Level of Service Analysis performed during preparation of traffic impact studies, corridor studies, preliminary design, circulation elements, etc.

Preparation of Traffic Impact Studies or Assessments

Peer Review of Traffic Impact Studies or Assessments

Traffic Signal Timing and Design

Traffic Control Studies and Plans

Trip Generation Surveys and Related Studies

Traffic Counts including intersection, tube, video, etc.

Traffic Monitoring Studies/Programs

Traffic Accident and Mitigation Assessments and Studies

Accident Records Systems

Safety Analysis

Construction Management

Roadway and Intersection Design

Freeway Interchange Improvement Analysis and Planning

Traffic Operations

Managed Lane Studies

On-Call Traffic Engineering Support

Environmental Assessment

Formal process used to predict the environmental consequences of a plan, program, policy, or project ensuring that decision makers consider the environmental impacts before moving forward.

Green House Gas Emission Modeling and Assessment of Environmental Documents

Environmental Documents for Transportation Studies and Projects (all modes)

Climate Change Assessment

Air Quality Impact Assessment

Noise Impact Assessment

CEQA/NEPA Analysis of Transportation Modal Plans and Projects

Traffic Circulation Impact Assessment

At Risk Assessment

Public Outreach

Creating and building partnerships, supporting the exchange of ideas and information among interested individuals and groups, resolving conflicts and challenges.

Public Outreach and Education Programs for Transportation Projects (all modes)

Public and Stakeholder Meetings/Hearings

Public and Stakeholders Workshops

Stakeholder Presentations/Charettes

Partner Agency and Technical Presentations

Stakeholder Interviews

Door-to-Door Contact (Business and Resident)

Focus Groups

Speakers’ Bureau

Public Service Announcements

Project Branding and Websites

Radio, Newsprint, and Online Advertising

Print Materials (Brochures, Fact Sheets, Newsletters)

Storyboards and Display Boards

Graphical Wall Notes

Surveys and Questionnaires

Civil Engineering

Civil and engineering solutions to enhance and sustain our communities.

Project Management & Design

PS&E for Bridge & Roadway Projects

Public Works Project Development Including:


spacer22NEPA & CEQA

spacer22Utility Relocation/Resolution

spacer22Property Impacts & Acquisition



spacer22Construction Management & Oversight

Georgiena Vivian
Georgiena Vivian
Leonard Vivian
Leonard Vivian
Vice President
Erik Ruehr, P.E.
Erik Ruehr, P.E.
Director of Traffic Engineering
Richard Lee Ph. D., AICP
Richard Lee Ph. D., AICP
Director of Innovation & Sustainability
Jeff Stine
Jeff Stine
Principal Transportation Planner
Dena Graham
Dena Graham
Marketing/Research Spec/Contract Admin
Ryan Vivian
Ryan Vivian
Transportation Planning Technician
Nisha Pathak
Nisha Pathak
Transportation Engineer
Rose Willems
Rose Willems
Jason Vivian
Jason Vivian
Director Of Civil Engineering
Hector Guerra
Hector Guerra
Administrative Assistant
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